Part 1 – The Beginning

May 20, 2010 at 4:54 pm | Posted in 5,ooo Miles Apart | Leave a comment

It started by a curious click on the hyperlink of the e-mail that my friend sent to me. Have been receiving the same e-mail repeatedly, that makes me curious about the site.

Apparently it works similar to the I*Q that i was used to play before messenger. The system kept on pushing some weirdo to me, and it was really annoying. To keep myself out of those situation, I’ve uploaded a baby picture, and telling the ‘strangers’ that I’m the mother of the kid!! XD

Out of boredom, I just randomly chatted with the ‘partners’. Somehow, the system linked me to another guy. He’s staying in NZ, apparently it was winter at his place, and he started telling me some interesting stories in the winter. It was a fresh and interesting topic to myself, as I am living in a tropical country, sun-rain-hot. I still remember the black-ice story, and that was how we started…….. to keep in touch! =p

He is an art student, he was seeking models for live drawing. I was lucky(?) enough to fall on his trap. He started asking me to be one of his model. Gosh… That was really surprising, but still, I was reluctant to do that. Nonetheless, we were only net-friends. Nude posing is way too much. Mister, kindly keep a distance to me please.

Story didn’t end like that, but we still keeping in touch. Although he will still asking for that same favour. Orz…..

One day, I decided to show myself by putting on the webcam. Ta-daa~ I still remember the excitement of his compliment “wow, you’re cute!” I know I am, but I love compliments~ From that on, we started our webcam session, almost everyday. Sharing thoughts, sharing experiences, sharing this, sharing that?!?

Day goes by, a strange feeling arouse. Feeling uneasy when he’s offline. My heart asking more from him, more than friends. Somehow distance beat me down. I didn’t tell him how I felt. There was one time I tested his reaction by telling him my friends were trying to find a match for me. He replied calmly “Choose the near one.” I felt like I was falling down from a cloud, and hitted the ground hardly. I was emotionless for a minute. I was numb. This is how he felt for me. A big disappointment, but I will not beaten by this. I couldn’t held myself but to tell him frankly how I felt for him, and asked him whether dare to start this relationship or not?

We knew it will never been easy, we cannot date like normal, and the most important issue was, we never met! But still, two stubborn heads decided to give it a try. A sweet try.


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