Part 2 – Seems unreal, yet it is.

May 20, 2010 at 8:04 pm | Posted in 5,ooo Miles Apart | Leave a comment

This is how we started, seems unreal, yet it is.

Uncomfortable, was my feeling when this unusual relationship started. Feeling happy, yet, it wasn’t actual. It was only an Internet relationship, that was what my heart said. It was virtual, but not so virtual. The feeling was strange, strangely sweet.

Tried to enjoy every moment, tried to remember every little things, tried to feel his loving. His caring, his tenderness, his certainty have opened up my heart. I started relying myself to him. He is my spiritual support when I feeling down. He is the first person to share my happiness. He is my lullaby, to put me to sleep. Everything seems so wonderful.

Time, the enemy of love, did not defeat us. However, it grows strong and stronger. Virtual meeting couldn’t hold back our eagerness of seeing each other in person. For some reasons, he was unable to come to me. Without second thought, I bought the ticket, I’m going after him!

Not sure where was the courage came from, but I knew that I couldn’t let go of him. Dignity is not a matter anymore. Friends were surprised by my impulse decision. They didn’t stand by my side as they were before. I couldn’t get the supportive that I’ve long for.

He turned up and gave me a warm smile, asking me not to worry, explaining my friends were worrying coz I was about to meet a stranger. But then he raised a question, a stupid but cute one, “Is that going to change your decision to come over?” Well it was about to change my decision, but not anymore. Coz your smile and your innocent face strengthen my decision. I have to go there to “protect” you, bunny! =P

He was really excited about my visit, though it still has four months to go. He was trying work out the itinerary, keep on asking my opinion. I have totally no idea where to go, my only aim was to meet him, to spend time and decide whether we can progress or not. But still, I let him planned. There was no way to turn him down.


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