Part 3 – This is love

May 20, 2010 at 8:47 pm | Posted in 5,ooo Miles Apart | Leave a comment

January 14, I can never forget this day. This was the first time I’m onboard, alone.

That was a sunny Thursday, weather was hinting me everything will be going smoothly. Dad sent me to the railway station, I’m heading to the airport, by my own. Though it’s morning, but the airport was crowded. Passengers happily talking to their partners, excitingly waiting for their flight. Except myself. I was anxious. This is the time, what will going to happen?

Met my sister during the transit. My lovely sister, caring me thus showing her endless support, so does her husband. She was the first person I told about this unsual relationship. She was very happy for me, and gave me courage to continue this relationship. She once said: “It is never easy to find the right person for yourself. You need to keep him if you think he is the one. You decide your own destiny.” I will never forget her words. Lots of love and support. Of course she did ask me to be careful, still meeting a net-friend isn’t really convincing.

Texted dad, telling him I was waiting tediously. Dad replied, asking me to take good care of myself, and I need to report myself everyday. My friends too, though they’re not convinced, still, they let me go. I need to promise them I will return in full shape, and happily. I can ensure them I will return in perfect shape, but not happily. Yes, I was still doubting.

My seat was near to the window, there were an old couple sitting next to me. These old couple were Hong Kong migrant. They stayed in Wellington with their kid. Although they have migrated for a long period, but still, they insisted return to their hometown every year.

I was sitting uncomfortably during the 10-hours flight, tired and drowsy. But these feeling disappeared when I looked beside my seat. The old gentleman carefully tiden the seat-belt for his wife; got it losen when the plane is steady. He kept asking the wife whether she was hungry, thirsty, tired… He will looked at his wife whenever he was telling me story. The old gentleman used to hold the wife’s hand whenever he talks. I feel their love, so tender yet so strong. They have been through many difficulties, but they still attaching together until today.

This is what I called love. The husband will still holding the wife no matter what it is.


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