Part 4 – I’m there

May 21, 2010 at 10:44 am | Posted in 5,ooo Miles Apart | 2 Comments

January 15, 10:30hr, touched down at Christchurch International Airport. Sheeps were the first creature to my eyes when the plane landed. Giving credit to Singapore Air, very satisfactory flight.

The first word when I stepped on Christchurch land, “C-O-L-D”! Gosh, thought it was summer, but it was cold! 16 degrees? Roughly. Fatigue was my second word. Immigration officer was arrogant. She is an Asian, she kept asking me questions, and suspecting I was there for illegal stay or what. I thought it will be easier to que at her counter, coz we both are black hair. But I was wrong. NZ-der isn’t really friendly as I thought. I was disappointed, and feel like turning around and get my butt on the plane again to fly back home. But that was just a thought.

Passing through customs clearance, waving goodbye to the old couple, and started to search for him among the crowd. There he was, waving his hand and hopping (?) towards me. I nearly bursted a laugh when I saw him, he was really cute (in terms of movement). Threw my luguage to him, complaning about the immigration officer, and walking to the bus. I sit quietly in the bus, feeling drowsy. I was afraid that I might have threw up if I talked alot. Yup, he was the one whom talked non-stop, showing that he was nervous. I knew, I felt that.

The first stop was at the bus station, needed to apply the Metro card, for busing service. They needed my passport, for registration, but I was reluctant to give it, my passport photo was not myself (ugly). The registration officer looked at him and bursted a laugh, and telling me :”You look beautiful!”… I know I am, but not that photo… T__T

We headed back to home afterwards, I mean his house. I was happy to meet his cats, coz all these while I can only see them on the screen, and I can touch them finally! However, they were a little scare of me. I turned my back and walked to his room. BED! What a lovely bed! I miss my bed! I was thinking to lay on the bed coz I was too tired, and needed to lay down. While my mind was struggling, he opened up his arms and hugging me. I was a little frighten, and thinking to push him away. I didn’t do that, coz I heard his whisper:”Thanks for coming.” Well, that was their manner anyway, a friendly hug. I was the one that thinking too much of nonsense. =p

Due to my drowsiness, we did not follow the planned itinerary. I rather stay at home and resting there. Spending more time to get to know him. However I only sticked myself to the computer chair, needed to report myself to my family and friends. There, I spent my whole afternoon.

He was preparing dinner, and I did help a little bit, to cook rice. (Apparently rice cooking wasn’t on the first day.. Whatever… =p) A very different method to cook rice, a new (odd?) experience though. Weather was changing at night, getting colder. I ran to bed much earlier than I used to be, I mean we…

He was starring at me while I was preparing the bed. That stare triggered my “teasing-alarm”, so I turned over and asked him :”Thought you said you would want to hug me to sleep?” He was a bit surprised, and replied :”Oh…” He put his arm underneath my neck, and said “Goodnigt”, in person, at the same time. That was how we spent our first night.

“I am the luckiest man in the world.” He said.



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  1. First we didn’t have rice, that was the second night…..
    Rememer I Cooked myself as well on the first nigh, Remember all the silly things we did to try to make the burn go away faster haha

    I miss you

    • Obviously I don’t remember that… =p
      miss u too…

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