The Return

August 22, 2011 at 6:49 pm | Posted in New Life | Leave a comment

It has been long since the last post. Obviously it was neglected by me. I’m sorry…

Alright, long story short. I am in Auckland now, with my other half. Yes, we got married in May 2011. It was a simple ceremony at the Marriage Registrar, with the attendance of Jon’s family. The whole ceremony was 40 minutes, plus or minus. Short, but filled with blesses and loves. It was a bit regret that my family couldn’t make it, it was kinda short-notice though. No, I am NOT pregnant.

Working in the house now, as a housewife apprentice. Never stop looking for a job, perhaps still lack of luck. Anyway, I will not give up but to enjoy the total living experience here. Most importantly, with my hubby’s support. He has be a very good husband. He is my sandbag when I am in bad mood; he is my honey-bunny when I am in good mood.

My temper is not stable, but I try to control it. I’m the boss, not you, TEMPER! Jon plays an important role, to calm me, to coax me, showing me the brighter side, you name it. I always feel sorry and guilty after losing temper on him, but he always hugged me and kissed on my forehead and said:”No worries, I’m here for you.”

It wasn’t easy in the first month, home-sick was pushing me to the corner and I felt like I wanted to go home immediately! Apparently Jon has the similar thoughts, but he is willing to follow wherever I go. Home-sick has over taken myself and forgotten that Jon was in the similar situation as mine and his case was worst than me. Since we have make our decision, we will have to work it together. We are inter-dependent, in every way of life.

I’ll talk more about the marriage life in the next post, hmm, perhaps continue the 5,000 miles apart story. Lol.



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