Part 6 – It’s him.

August 24, 2011 at 9:58 am | Posted in 5,ooo Miles Apart | Leave a comment

Our relationship has progressed fast during that week in Christchurch. He has introduced some of his family members, relatives and friends, we all getting along pretty well, oh, his cat too!

The night before my departure to my own house, we were talking all night long. None of us feel like sleeping, clock is ticking, heart is pumping. We hugged on the bed, tightly, fear to lose the other half. It was a torture night.

Dawn is cracking, sunlight shining into the bedroom and woke us up. I cried that I do not want to go home, I do not want to leave him alone. He wiped my tears and hugged me gently, I must have to go home, go home and tell my family and friends that I have found him and we decided to be together no matter what comes in.

He put his late-mother’s necklace on me, as a sign of commitment and repeating that line “You have to come back here again, I will wait for you.” Then pulled me to his chest. I was speechless, my throat was so tight and can barely speak a word, but tears kept on falling. He kissed me on the forehead and walked me down to aunty’s car.

We talked briefly in the car. The memories we spent together kept flashing back in my head. Yes, I will come back here again! I must come back to him, I will.

The weather was blistering, he carried my luggage from the car and farewell to me. He kissed me on lips, urging that I must take good care of myself. I nodded, speechless. Smiled and waved goodbye to both of them. Walking myself to the check-in counter. It wasn’t a long way, but seems like an hour walk to me.

Waited alone at the boarding room, tears fell again. I prayed for the flight to cancel so that we can be together for a few days more. But it didn’t work, got on the plane as scheduled and flying home, alone. His smiles and his words were my accompany in the flight, a 10 hours journey.

It is not easy to find the other half. Some found theirs with no distance, some found theirs thousand miles away. We promised ourselves to each other, we found our halves 5,000 miles away. From that on, these two in-love person will be separated for a certain of time, one year, as I have promised to him. If this relationship overcome the difficulties of long distance relationship, it means that we are meant to be together.

Parted, but deeply in-love.



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