Pre-school for Liang

April 17, 2015 at 7:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

We have planned to enroll Liang into pre-school next Summer, where he will be around 3.5 year-old.

Reason, we do not want to take away his freedom, but wish to let him enjoying his childhood more.

In Malaysia, students are usually in a lot of pressures and stresses. Those are not necessary. We do not want to raise our children under those stresses. We are not result-oriented parents.

Talking about preschool. We are currently favoring the one that is closer to our house, which is a government based. Mum brought Liang there for a visit as well as to request information about his enrollment. Liang was panic, but was excited to see his cousins there.

Still, I have doubts over it. You may say that I have been over-thinking, but look, Liang looks different. He is not Asian nor European. I know there are quite a number of cross-cultural children in the same kindergarten, but they still look like their original ethnic.

My worry is, he might gets favour from the teachers or his peer. I’m worried that might created a sense of “superior” within himself and abusing that.

Well, I think I’ve been thinking too much eh? Lol…

Parenting is not easy, a lot to worry…


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