Stupid Arguement

April 29, 2015 at 1:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Planned a wonderful holiday with hubby, to celebrate our birthdays. Resort booked, now hunting for a gift.

Browsed online mall with Liang, he gave me a few ideas of what to get for daddy. Agree and disagree, but we make our points though. Clicked check-out, ta-daa, waiting for the pressie to deliver!!

Jon was checking on the accounts and budget. He raised a few suggestions, that we need to watch our spending for a bit. I was so angry and upset.

I was upset, we have been moving here for almost 3 years. Throughout these years, we never dare to spend on ourselves. Yes, we had celebrations, but on the moderate way. Yes, we got each other gifts, but just some practical stuff that we needed.

I was angry. All I wanted is just an outbreak for ourselves before the second bub comes. All I wanted was to pamper ourselves before we have to restart everything again. All I wanted and planned were well under our budget and of course I understood our financial situation.

I was sad. Wanted to cancel everything. Jon didn’t let me. He apologised for his wording. Maybe he should not to. I was the one that taking it hard.

Sorry lao gong. Anyway, plan is ON!


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