A Little Something About My Pregnancy, Labour, Nursing

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There is always something I would like to share with my peers and others, if there is any. Especially the knowledge and experience I have got after the second child.

Let me start off by introducing myself. I was married to an angmo (red-haired, if translated directly) husband, an interracial marriage. We came from very different background and of course, we have a lot of debates and arguments. These kind of episodes did not bring any harm to our relationship but on the other hand, it has brought us closer to each other.

Ok ok, I’m not trying to show-off lah~ Just a little something to share, and you will see the link in that later, when I go in depth of what I want to share.

My first pregnancy was in New Zealand back in 2012. I will have to register to the midwifery at my neighbourhood once confirmed that I have a bun baking in the oven. I was registered to Dominic Midwifery, Worcester Street, Linwood, Christchurch. My lovely midwife is Carlene, she is from the UK and has a beautiful accent. She shared and taught me a lot during my pregnancy and labour.

During my pregnancy, there wasn’t any restriction on my diet, but only ONE; raw meat. Jon usually went cold-hearted whenever I requested a taste of sushi, regardless how miserable I have begged for only a bite. He will shake his head like a pop-head toy.

My diet was usual, but I had plenty of milk, and started a day by a good breakfast; usually muesli with fruit yogurt. Yum! I didn’t like coffee but love a cuppa every now and then, well, a weak black tea. Fish & chips was the usual meal and always accompanied by cola and ice cream. They have a saying, which I like very much, “Do not deny a pregnant lady’s craving!”

For prenatal care, normal procedure like others, prenatal check-ups, follow-ups, blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound check, etc., until the big day. Everything was normal for me and the bub, Liang, until the 38th weeks. Went into the clinic for the usual check-ups, but noticed my blood pressure has risen. Out of cautious, Carlene suggested to have a home-visit the next day, to re-examine. Yes, blood pressure was higher than usual, and urine tested active to protein. After confirming with the sonographer that Liang wasn’t growing much at the latter stage, Carlene suggested me to go to the hospital to do detailed checking.

I was admitted the next day. Blood sample taken and CTG was going. It is confirmed that I had Pre-eclampsia and was advised to induce. The risk is much lower since I am full term that time. Induce was scheduled the next afternoon, then I was discharged to go home.

There are a few types of induce, in my case, they were using the gel-type, prostaglandin gel, to apply on the cervix. According to Carlene, I could have welcoming my baby the same day, the next day, or… Ah well, I was the longer waited type. Liang only came out on the third day after the induced.

My recorded labour was 19-hours, don’t forget the contraction after induced wasn’t count. Anyway, I only using Entonox, the laughing gas throughout the labour. I was tempted to choose Epidural, but didn’t. I wanted to feel that pain. Well, I was lucky that I’ve gone through it. I am not showing off that I am tough or what. Any labour pain should be well respected. I love my younger sister so much, she was opt for Cesarean after failed her first option. I felt her pain whenever she showed her scar to me. That’s why I refused to look at it every time she wanted to show. I respected her for all the pain she has gone through during her labour.

Back to business, many said that laughing gas didn’t help to reduce the contraction pain! Ah well, this gas is not a pain-killer lah, it is used to distract you from the pain only. I still remember I was in high whenever inhaling the gas. For example, I was able to joke with my hubby and midwife(s), and grabbing some short naps. I keep on convincing myself that baby will come out soon, I will be holding the baby in my arms, the long anticipated wait will be ended soon! Don’t give up, keep inhaling, keep breathing!

It worked, I have convinced myself that the pain gone after the gas. I was heavily relied on the gas even when they are stitching me up. Hmm, Dr. Chris was showing Carlene a new way of stitching. Better than the doctor who whined “Oh sh*t!” during the stitching for my second child.

I’ll skipped the whole labour in here, will be writing on it on the next post.

After the 2-days in labour, we have welcomed our first child, Liang. Liang was borned 2.525 kg and in healthy condition. There wasn’t any skin-to-skin moment after birth due to him vomiting mucus. Carlene has to make sure he is all well before handling him to me.

After the birth of baby, there is another to come, to give birth to my placenta. Just wait for the next contraction, and this time will be easier because placenta has no bone! I was waited another 20 minutes for the next contraction, at the meantime, Liang was cleared after checked by both midwife and pediatrician. So I was able to hold Liang in my arms and giving birth to his cozy little room for 9-months. Carlene checked the placenta with me and Jon was taking a few shots of it. Well, how usual you can see a placenta eh?

After this-and-that, Liang and I were then transferred to neonatal care unit. Liang was considered an under-weight baby, and I had just lost approximately 1.2 liter of blood.

During the overnight in neonatal unit, we were monitored tightly by the midwives. I was taught how to look after a new born, most importantly, how to properly breastfeed. Liang was pricked by the little heel to check blood sugar level, a few times.

For breastfeeding, a BIG thank you to the midwives, they showed the proper way to position the baby’s mouth to latch. Yes, there was no pain like before! Some more, very comfortable and I feel much confident to breastfeed my baby!!

I am a bit long winded on my first born, because first born mah! Always special one~ Hehehe…

I have breastfeed my first child for 9 months until he refused to latch. Most importantly, he has infant lactose intolerant, and was introduced to soya milk after our big move to Kuala Lumpur in 2013. Before the move, Liang was an exclusive breastfeeding baby. He is a happy little chad that feed-on-demand. We started to notice rashes on his cheek every after fed. We had him checked with doctor, and confirmed that was reaction to lactose. Doctor in New Zealand recommended continue breastfeeding, but given a few lotions to apply on. However, doctor in Kuala Lumpur suggested to feed soya milk, to clear his system, then continue breastfeeding. It worked though, the rashes gone after a week or two. I continued to breastfeed him until I had a nasty cold. I have been taking medicines and did not let Liang to latch on. By then, he weaned off breastfeeding gradually.

I am not a certified consultant, but I have much experience and knowledge to be shared to those mother-to-be or new mum that anxious about pregnancy, labouring and breastfeeding! I wanted to go more in depth, but most of the time, words cannot fully express what I want to share and tell.

If you wish to hear more about my story, feel free to drop me a message. I am 24-hour online. Ya ya ya, looking after a toddler and a new born, there is no time to rest! Lol…

Enjoy being a mother and cheers!



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