Pregnant in New Zealand

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I left my home country for 28 years to be with a man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with on March 2011. We tide our knot on May the same year. Jon was in his last semester of his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts.

I’ve tried my heart out to look for a job. Attended a few interviews but ended with nothing. Therefore, I decided to be a housewife. Cooking, cleaning, you name it. It is never been easy but I have so much time to be spared, why not?

Until one day, we thought about children.  I was so much wanted to have a baby of our own. But my menses came on time every month, it brought me tears every time. However, Jon told me there is no right timing for a child to arrive, it will come when it comes.

Thereafter, we were busy to plan for my home-coming trip, and our departure day was the day my menses supposed to come. I still remember when we had the transit in Christchurch airport, we felt an after shocked in the waiting lounge. I thought I felt something then rushed to the loo. Hmm, there was nothing. I still put a pad anyhow, in case my “best friend” came while I was boarding.

A very excited moment when we touched down in Kuala Lumpur, HOT! We started our long holidays then! Still, the pad was clean. I was happy and thought it might be the time! But then, I tried to calm myself before anything is confirmed. My sister and I were in the pharmacy to buy Jon some medicine for sore throat. I told her that my menses was late, should I buy a pregnancy test to check? She urged me to do so, we were excited.

For best result, test it on the first pee in the morning. I have to wait for the next day then. The night seems so long for us… Can’t wait to pee!

Ta-daa~~~ I got a 2 lines!! TWO lines!! I was like, oh my God, is it true? Jon was jumping up and down and I have to calm him as well as warned him not to break anything!! To confirm the test, my sister drove me down to our family doctor. Yes, I was 6-weeks pregnant! Jon can’t wait to call the family in New Zealand! Thank God for the blessing.

For the first trimester, I did not have terrible morning sickness. I still remember that I was craving for sour food only. Lemon was my first choice, I was eating lemon like orange. Hmm, crazy eh?

As soon as we got back to New Zealand, we registered to the nearest midwifery. Our midwife was Carlene, a beautiful lady from the UK. Carlene is very professional and friendly. She is like my first friend in Christchurch.

Antenatal check ups are almost the same in any nation, I guess. Me and my elder sister were both pregnant at the same period, our EDD were just a week apart. She was doing her antenatal check-up in Malaysia, while I was in New Zealand. She opted private practice due to her working schedule that unable to match for government’s. While I was with the midwifery throughout.

One thing that I noticed with these 2 nations’ antenatal practice, knowledge and information. Carlene told me a lot of information about what to expect and how it happens. While, according to my sister, her doctor did not talk much during the checking. Well, he is an experienced doctor so they didn’t doubt him much.

For example, the NT scan (Nuchal Scan) between the 11th and 14th week, they call it “Detailed scan” back home, was an extra scan that required extra charges. The doctor didn’t offer to check the ovaries during scan, while the sonographer in NZ, will check it every time during scan. The sonographer showed us everything that we needed to know, such as the heart chambers, kidney, tummy, fingers, toes, etc… For my second pregnancy in Malaysia, the doctor didn’t show and tell that much. The very common feedback was: “Well, baby all good, no problem.”

I wasn’t expect you to strike a conversation with me, but at least tell me more? Something that I should know? Like, the 4 chambers are working fine, kidney started to function, most importantly, ovaries are in good condition. (I’ll share more later… next blog? or next next blog? Lol…)

Second trimester, I got a job! Woohoo! Something big to celebrate!! After a year of unemployment, I was so eager to get back to work!

I woke up early in the morning to prepare a very good breakfast for myself to bring to work. Usually a muesli with fruit yogurt. Yum, Kapiti yogurt is just perfect for my taste! Sometimes a steamed egg with anchovies, variety of sandwich. Breakfast always come with a nice cuppa; weak English Breakfast or hot chocolate. Lunchtime, the leftover dinner was yummy! Aunty’s specialty frittata was one of the best! Otherwise, my home-cooked luncheon meat with rice, or any toasties. Cheese always good. Dinner will be the typical fish & chips, 1/2 scoop for me please! Jon’s special mac and cheese or bolognese.  Argh, I missed all these! Occasionally we have roasties, either vegetable or meat.

I experienced the very first snow of my life during the 5th month of pregnancy. It was heavy snowing in Christchurch, traffic was cut down due to the fall! Jon didn’t allow me to hangout for too long and definitely, no snow angel for me. Duh… All I had to do was, keeping warm and stayed inside while it was all white outside the window. However, it is not romantic at all afterwards. The streets were all wet and slippery! I had to hold Jon’s hand very tight when walking.

The last trimester, well, I kept the same diet, but started to nest. Busy moving the bedroom, checking the list, doing baby’s laundry… Still, we managed to sneak out for a walk down the botanic garden for fresh air. I loved walking in Christchurch, 30 minutes of walking seems like a blink of an eye, didn’t feel tired at all!

Last term of my pregnancy, I was strike by homesick. Although we keep video calling every weekends, but I missed my home, my family and my pets so so much! A very emotional moment. Luckily Jon was there to support me, to cheer me up, to talk to me.

Last term of my pregnancy, we will have to decide the support person, pain killer, who will cut the cord and placenta disposal. Jon definitely my support person and he will cut the cord. I was opt for laughing gas, if possible. Lastly, we will let the hospital to dispose our placenta.

I started my maternity leaves on the last day of August 2012. For there on, the “waiting-game” is officially switched on!




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  1. love the story jie! 😉

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