Crazy Collection – Shell Lego

December 14, 2015 at 10:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I didn’t start this collection, but our son Liang, he was crazy over Lego bricks in the past months. My dear brother-in-law, a collector, granted his wish by giving him a Shell Lego collectible model to start off.

Yesterday was the last item released, a Shell tank. It is a limited edition. Received a message from Yin, saying that the tank is running out very fast, it has sold out in a few stations nearby her place.

I quickly get up and get out of the door to try my luck. 2 gas stations I have been, but no luck. Thought of bringing it home so Liang could have wake up with a big smile. But no luck.

Got Jon and the children ready, we are heading out to other places. That was around 8:30 in a lovely Sunday morning. I remember there are at least 2 Shell stations on the way to work. There we go!

First stop, MRR2 heading to Ampang. Wow, every pump at that garage were taken up! So I went to the cashier to check whether they still have stock? Yes! Immediately found a spot to fill up the tank, RM40, to purchase 1 Lego at RM9.90.

Liang was so happy to have that tank in his hand and kept asking daddy to build it!

Well, still another half tank that could be filled up, might as well try another garage that I usually went to on the way to office. To me, that garage is quiet during weekends. And I was right. Got the tank filled up again, and got another Lego tank to be given to my brother-in-law.

There you go our Sunday morning!

Shell Tank


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