The Waiting Game – I

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It was my last ultrasound scanning, the 38th week. It was not a planned one, due to the showing signs of pre-eclampsia.

Same procedure, draw blood for testing and waited in the waiting area for my scanning. Winter was at the end and spring was coming. The bus driver shouted flattery that she saw the first bloomed! Soon, we’ll be welcoming our first bloom too!

At the ultrasound waiting area, Jon and I found a place to sit. I was nervous, just like every other time. I get to see my little precious again! There, my name was called and was welcomed by a lady with a lovely smile, Jon was tagging behind me.

Just like any other time, the sonographer will confirm my detail before it begins. First thing to see and hear, a strong heartbeat, every time. Liang was holding his arms on the chest and crossing his feet. Gees, not much room to move!

Measurement was taken, heart was checked; the wee 4 chambers seems working perfectly. The wee pair of kidneys is in function, oh look, Liang was swallowing! Hmm, can’t seem to have a good look at the face, as Liang was then in the “3/5” position. However, the sonographer was trying to get the best shoot of him by pushing in to my tummy. Ouch, I’m ok, I’m ok, just a bit hurting… But I’m ok.

A blurry picture of Liang was taken, only get to see his puffy cheeks and mouth. Lol…

A pleasant day we had. Jon walked with me to the bus stand, hand in hand. We were planning on a good lunch! Hmm, Little Saigon?



After the last ultrasound scanning, we went to our midwife for the result and advice. It didn’t seem to be on our favourite as I was suspected with pre-eclampsia. On the lucky side, it was my 38th week of pregnancy. We were advised to admit to the hospital for the final checking.

Jon, my beloved husband and my support person, has been talking to me all the way. He knew that I was nervous and worried; he knew his voice would have calmed me. I was trying so hard to squeeze a smile to repay his effort.

Third floor of the Christchurch Women’s Hospital, same bed last time, similar feeling. But a little bit more nervous this time, because I was afraid that they might cut me open and take Liang out. Same procedure, CTG on my big belly, drawn blood for testing and rest on the bed as the CTG goes.

Kept telling myself to be cool, to calm down, everything will be alright. Liang was happily kicking and stretching, nothing seems to bother him. My mood changes when I saw the new mother on the opposite bed, yes, through the curtain. She seems a bit weak and in pain, and something dripped on the floor. My hand and feet gone cold immediately, Jon noticed but didn’t stop comforting me but it wasn’t working that time, until the baby cried. The most beautiful sound I have heard, it was like an angel singing. Yes, it eased away my worrisome.

Another hour has passed; my awesome midwife came back with a news that I will need to be induced. Test result has confirmed that I have pre-eclampsia, also, Liang didn’t seem growing. Luckily, I was in full term, there shall be no complication. However, the earlier the baby comes out the better.

None of us were hoping on the other side of the story, therefore, Jon and I agreed immediately as we only wanted our wee one safe and sound. Induction was scheduled the next day, the 12th.

After a few hours in the hospital, we were discharged. Go home, get rest, get ready for the next big day.

Everything seems to be normal, cooking dinner, watching tele, talking to my parents. As the night has come, both Jon and I couldn’t be asleep. I kept looking at the cot beside us. The cot is sitting there waiting to receive Liang. Can’t seem to calm my mind, but keep imagining how will tomorrow be? Will we have Liang cuddling in our arms or will we still be waiting?

Clock was ticking on the wall as I was caressing my big belly and talking to Liang. I like it when he does stretching, rolling and kicking in there, not forgetting the hiccups he had. It was the most wonderful feeling I had have.

A sleepless night.


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