The Waiting Game – II

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Waking up early in the morning, or should I say we didn’t sleep?

After breakfast, Jon checked the bag while I was in the shower. Something about my traditional customs, a new mother has to avoid touching cold water, that including taking shower and washing hair. Therefore, I have to make sure I am clean and refreshing before giving birth.

Soon, Lindy arrives. Gave Aunty Margaret a big hug and got her blessing. Hospital, here we go. Although it is only a 10 minutes journey, somehow I wish there is something to delay us. I was so damn nervous!

Can’t blame me, because this is my first time of having a baby and I am in a foreign land. Luckily language is not a barrier here; otherwise I don’t think I could have done it.

Check-in with the front-desk and we were directed to the assessment room. Midwife Rachel came in to introduce herself and explained the procedure of the inducement. First of all, she has to get Bishop reading, to see how far does my cervix dilated? Well, VE (virginal examination) was done and I didn’t feel the pain! Wow, she was good, but the reading is not, only 2.5 cm of dilation.

Therefore, carry on to the inducing. She will be using prostaglandin gel. This gel is using to relax the cervix and help in dilation. However, it will be done through VE, apply on the cervix wall. There, another waiting game, an hour I have to wait on the bed.

A third year medical student came in and asked if it’s ok for her to talk to us? She asked a series of questions, and I didn’t mind to share if it is useful to her study. In fact, I love to share my story.

An hour passed by, Rachel came in to take the CTG reading and to check my condition. Everything seems moving slow. By then, I have been transferred to the Recovery Suite, on the same floor.

Jon and I walked to the cafeteria for a bite after settling in the recovery suite. My tummy was getting tighter as I walk. No pain, not contraction, just the muscle around tummy was shrinking. No, I did not have the appetite to eat, only had a cuppa down. Then we were heading back to the suite, our little crib of the night.

I was tired and rest on the bed, while Jon was so busy receiving calls from the North Island, my father-in-law wanted to check if everything alright? As well, my sister was sending text to get updates.

CTG was going non-stop, to track any trace of contraction. I felt something, but not contraction; it was something that I couldn’t explain by words. It was more like muscle shrinking, an annoying feeling. No contraction, no water breaks. It makes me nervous, but not so, because I was so scared to go into labour. I have been watching the series of “One born every minute”, I can imagine the pain, but I can’t imagine I’m doing that.

Clock ticks, still no sign. As it getting dark, I heard a lot of sounds. Sounds of mother in pain; mother was trying to push, screaming “I can’t do it!”… All these ended with a beautiful angel singing, baby cries. Jon and I looked at each other; we are so ready to do it! I keep telling Liang, mummy is ready, don’t panic, just kick me, and just squeeze out! But, still nothing. Oh, I had a fever at night too! After taking pil, I was so drowsy and I think I fell asleep. Jon was still trying to settle in the lazy boy.

A long waiting night.


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