The Waiting Game – III

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Carlene came in to check on us early in the morning. I told her that I didn’t have any contraction, except those “shrinking” feelings. I started to get worry. Carlene raised it to the doctor on duty. Doctor came to check me and did a VE.

If I wasn’t laying on the bed and still have that bun in the oven, I would have punch her face already. Why? That VE was terrible! She just pushed her fingers in and keeps digging inner and inner. Bloody hell, I was almost in tears! When she finally done that, I saw her glove was covering in blood. She said: “I know it looks scary, but don’t worry, it’s not your blood.”

What? Not mine? Whose blood was running in my body then? I know she got my consent to do it and I know she is doing it for the sake of good, but would you please treat a pregnant mother gentler?

Anyway, after she confirmed that my cervix is still tight, she suggested a second induce. If the Bishop ready still showing no progress, ARM (artificial rupture of membrane) will be done.

Carlene knew that I was in pain after that VE. She comfort me and told me she will handle the induce process after this. Yup, a second dose of prostaglandin gel to apply. This time, I couldn’t walk as good. I was in pain. I wasn’t sure whether it was that VE, or contraction started. Was trying to accompany Jon for a lunch, but I can’t make it. He quickly had a bite of the ginger slice he got and washed down by a tea, then walked to the suite with me.

I was resting on the bed quietly and in pain. Jon was busy reporting to the families.

Carlene came in and told me that the labour suite is ready for me. Jon and Carlene walked me to the suite. Bloody hell, the suite is so big and equipped with every facility that needed. Of course, a baby cot sitting right there, waiting to receive the bub. I have the garden view; it is facing the Hagley Park.

(Friends in Malaysia, FYI, it does look like a luxury labour suite in a private hospital. But it is FOC in NZ!)

Hmm, still no progress after 2 doses of gel. Carlene checked again, and we decided to carry on with ARM, as advised by the doctor. Carlene got me the gown to change, I quickly grab a shower, I might have the baby today! Woohoo!

ARM, to facilitate the labour process. Amnihook will be used to poke the membranes and water will break after this. I’ve seen it on the “One Minute” series, and as Carlene describes, there is not pain at all and I will feel the water breaking. She was right; I can’t even feel it when she poked it. But then, I can feel the water came out. Well, it doesn’t look like what I’ve been told or seen on the tele. My water was mucky with blood in it. I’m sorry if it’s too graphic. But hey, I was in labour, an unforgettable moment of my life.

After ARM was done, Carlene then put me on drip. My veins are quite fine, as told my many nurses that taken my blood, as does Carlene. She tried on my left wrist but failed, blood was drawn. Then my right wrist; there you go, I am always on the “right”. Dinner was served after this. Hmm, crispy chicken fillet with passion fruit as dessert! I had most of it, because I know I will need a lot of energy to push my baby out in a moment, I thought. Jon only had a pie. He told me he actually felt more tired than hungry that time. Aww…

Drip started after dinner, around 6:30 p.m.. I started to feel something, the contraction. The shrinking was worsening as clock ticks. Tick tock tick tock… My breaths getting heavier, Carlene show me the breathing technique. She is monitoring the CTG as well as my blood pressure. Epidural will be injected once the blood pressure risen, after discussed with us. Yes, I was not on Epidural, I tried not to, unless blood pressure continue to rise.

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Contraction was kicking in, much more intense each time. I tried to relax, to distract myself, but the pain was pulling me to face it. Each time the contraction kicks in; I would want to give up. I know that I need a strong faith to stay in the game. I looked at the cot and imagine the moment when my baby comes out. I imagine that I am dressing the baby and the baby smiles. I need to relax.

This battle runs on a few hour, my cervix dilation was pretty slow. Midwives come and go. Not sure how many VE has been done. The pain is getting more intense, I need a break! Epidural! I was looking at Jon for better advice. Carlene was about to get the Epidural ready, but I was hesitated again. Checking blood pressure with Carlene, it stays on a stable line. I can do it without Epidural. Furthermore, I could be delivering the baby minute after this! Once again, I denied on Epidural, but was on laughing gas.

When I first try on the gas, I almost puke. Carlene showed me and guided me slowly. I mastered the gas by then. I was heavily depended on it! I remember Carlene told me that the midwives were still talking about it after my delivery. Opps…

Still breathing in and out, only this time with the gas. Nah, it didn’t take the pain away, but it distracted me and makes me on high! Lol… I was able to talk, to joke and to walk around, during contraction. I even took a few catnaps while waiting for the dilation. I remember a few intense contractions during my nap, but I was too tired to open my eyes to response. I just breathe through with the gas.

Yes, it takes years for my cervix to dilate. Around 3 o’clock in the midnight, Carlene was worrying as I had 4 intense contractions within 5 minutes. She went for advice from a very experience midwife. She came and has a look and talk to me. Hmm, apparently I shouldn’t had my membranes poke, it was done too early, that’s why I have to suffer all the pain so long.

What? But it was advice by the doctor!! I seriously think that she might not like me. Otherwise I would have been in more comfortable situation now! Argh!!!

The experience midwife asked my permission to do a VE, there she touched Liang’s little head. She told me that baby is down and is ready to come out anytime. Just hang in there dear. Yes, I’ve been hanging in there since yesterday… Lol… Good news was, cervix has dilated 5 cm! Woohoo! You know what I mean and how I feel? The most difficult first 5 cm!! Yay!!

I regained my energy there. Then, wait again. Pain… Sleep… Breathe in and out… Staring at Jon angrily… Going to the loo… Asking midwife silly questions… Actually I can’t remember what I was asking, but Jon said I was in high and keep smiling and joking. That gas really does something eh!


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