The Waiting Game – IV

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The morning comes, the ray of the sun chipped into the labour room. I was looking at the sky from my bed, with a hose on my left hand, drip on my right. God, please help me in this. The progress was slowing down again. Mum, please help me.

I was in tears because I am exhausted, I do not think I could do that. Maybe I shall ask the doctor to cut me open and take my baby out! Jon holding my hand tightly and ask me to hang on. I was about to slap him, you do it!

Carlene came back with another doctor, Doctor Chris. He is on duty today. I was like, come, cut me. I put all my hope on him and he asked to do a VE. I know I am going to love him the moment I saw him. His first line while doing the VE was “Wow, it’s 8 cm dilated!”

I was like, what? You serious? Just hang in there another 2 hours, it should be fully dilate, and get ready to push the baby out! Yay!! This is what I want to hear! Of course I will wait. Jon and I were very excited! So does Carlene! Not forgetting the contraction, its getting excited too, ouch!!

Of course, the contraction won’t go away until baby is born. I was watching the clock ticks, and looking forward for another VE done. 2 hours passed, still no sign of delivery. Dr. Chris came back to check on me. He had a check on Liang’s position; apparently Liang’s head was not in the position fully. Dr. Chris suggested to “put the baby’s head back on track”. I was waiting for the next contraction and push a little for doctor to do that. Yup, it was done through VE. At that moment, I have been checked a lot of times until I feel numb with it. So I was alright, I’ll just go along with their advices. Dr. Chris told me once again, I shall be receiving Liang by lunch.

Another 2 hours have gone, the contractions were getting more intense and I have a very strong pushing down my hip. Liang wanted to come out! The feeling was like a serious constipation and menstrual pain at the same time, more intense.

Carlene checked and I am fully dilated, baby is coming! She wants me to sit up and kneel on the bed facing the wall and started to push. This is to help the birthing process as well. After a few pushing, I was directed to sit down the bed and keep pushing when contraction hits.

I keep pushing, keep pushing. Jon and Carlene were shouting beside me, “Push push push!”. Carlene shouted she saw the head! I looked down, I saw it too! Dark hair! Yes, I have a sudden energy rush in me. I keep on pushing, hold the push!!

A sudden hot flush down at my bottom, baby is out, Liang is born!! Aww, it’s a boy! But wait, Liang isn’t moving and he is vomiting mucus. Carlene urged Jon to cut the cord immediately, and Liang was brought to the nursing table for suction and cleaning. My eyes didn’t leave Liang ever since, my heart was beating very fast, I was worried, until I heard a cry from Liang. Gosh, it was so beautiful! Our baby is here with us.

After the pediatrician checked on Liang and confirmed he is fine, we got our first touch, skin-to-skin. He is so small and beautiful. I will never forget this moment, it is so magical!

Yes, I am still on the bed, waiting to give birth to my placenta. According to Carlene, it could take up to another 20~30 minutes. Just wait for another contraction, this time would be much easy, as placenta is boneless. Round about 20 minutes have passed, I felt something and called for Carlene. Yup, placenta is coming out! Thereafter, Carlene was pushing the button on the wall, she told me “it’s ok, no worries.”

A team of midwives rushed into my room and followed by Dr. Chris. He congratulates me before giving orders to the midwives. Changed drip, rubbing tummy, jab me… Yes, it hurts, but what’s wrong? Doctor asked me to keep inhaling the gas if it’s hurt. Carlene told me to keep looking at Liang. Jon has been pushed aside.

After 15 to 20 minutes, I saw 1 midwife took the sheets under me for weighting. The sheets were all red (covered in blood) and weighted about 1.2 kg. Midwife Rachel keeps rubbing my tummy, she said it helps my womb to get back to shape, though it hurts a bit. Another midwife put the drip on again, another bag of saline.

After they left, Carlene told me I was losing blood right after the birth of placenta. It usually happened for long hour labour. Don’t worry now, it’s all done and fix. Do let her know if I am feeling dizzy or something. Then, Carlene and Dr. Chris started to stitch me up. Hmm, second degree of tearing. I didn’t know how bad it was, until I saw it.

Another 45 minutes past, Carlene had a check on me and found that the drip was not connected to me but on the floor! Gees, have to do it again. Lol… Somebody was in a rush I guess. After 30 minutes, I was then transferred to the Neonatal care unit, on a wheelchair, just in case I passed out, lol…

Anyway, Liang was borned 2.5 kg and needed to monitor his blood sugar, while myself, lost of blood and need to be monitored as well.

I had a very nice dinner there, a steak! Who said hospital food sucks? At least mine was very good. I was very tired after dinner, and Jon has to go home, he cannot stay at the neonatal unit. My first night without him, but I was alright, because I have our precious with me! I will be very busy tonight, I guess.

It was another long night for us. I wanted to rest, but Liang was panic and playing up a few times. I fed him, checked nappy, walking him, but still, he was crying. I think he misses daddy. I was too…

There go our first night together. I was trying hard to breastfeed, while Liang was pricked by the heel to check blood sugar.

Not an easy night for the both of us.


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