Being a mother

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Had a chat with my fellow friends, about being a mother, late at night. A quick introduction about my fellow friends; we are at the same age and became mother in the same year. After a few years, all three of us are the mother of 2 children. The only difference is, we stay in different cities.

Well well well, it all started when the school start on the 4th, a few days ago. Fellows have sent their first child to preschool! Liang hasn’t start preschool yet, perhaps in the second semester, somewhere in June or July?

As expected, children played up in school. Can’t blame them as they are facing a great change in their lives. They are in another stage of growing. I would say a great job to both mothers and children.

Right, what is it like being a mother? I’ve seen a lot of comic that illustrated the days of becoming a mother, most of it are the before and after. Quite true though, at least I feel like, “that is me!”.

Let’s talk about hobby? What is hobby? If your hobbies are cooking and baking, well, that would benefit your family, because as a stay-at-home mother, feeding a good and healthy meal to your love ones is essential.

What about working mother? I am a working mother myself and I lost my hobby. I used to hang out a lot with my girls; to do hair; having a good cuppa or drink; movie; dining and etc. But after becoming a mother, and a mother of 2, I have no time to do that.

Yes, I could squeeze a little time out for myself. Let’s say, hubby is helping to look after the children and let me have a moment to myself. I quickly make myself a cuppa and grab a book to read. First sip was like in heaven; enjoying the second sip then flipping the page of a book that was bought long time ago. Finished a page, carrying on the second. BOOM! “Mummy, mummy!” The book fell on my lap and I got a fright. This little naughty terrible-3 was “playing” with mummy by slapping down mummy’s book. Get that? I’m not sure when could I finished the book, or shall I open a bottle of champagne to celebrate if I could ever finish the book?

Another scenario, same thing, hubby wants me to enjoy a moment to myself. Same, making cuppa reading book. “Wuuuu arrrrrrrr”… Hmm, terrible-3 started to cry and the newborn follows up, I called it harmonic singing. There, the book and cuppa were left aside again.

Ok ok, another time around. I picked up the broom stick to clean the room, the rumpus. There you go, my so-called moment to myself is spending meaningfully. The house is clean!

Don’t ask about my hair and dresses. I wanted to do it but I can’t leave my children for that long hour. I can do it but I do not want to!

Afterall, being a mother has to sacrifice a lot. But I am willing to do it. Seeing my children grow is a very special moment. Hearing them laugh and play isĀ better than being in a concert. Eating the cookie that the terrible-3 bake taste better than any cuisine cooked by a master chef.

I enjoyed my motherhood.


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