A quick catch up

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Just like the title, a quick one, well, I’ll try…

24th September, was admitted to hospital due to bleeding. Welcoming to our beautiful daughter at that evening, after 5 hours in labour.

Discharged the next day, started confinement at home. Juggling two children is not easy, pretty exhausted. Didn’t get the rest that needed. Anyway, body was recovering pretty well.

24th October, done my confinement! a BIG thank you to my dear mother, whom looking after Aan and me. Not forgetting Jon, whom did the chores and running around. Woohoo!!

23rd November, returning to work. Sigh… But what to do?

Of course there is something can could be done! I will be revealing it slowly… Muahahahaha…



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Hey! Something exciting is coming up in my business blog, Lai-Jenkins Creations!

Stay tune for more eh!


Brother’s Wedding

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It has been long waited. A very busy few days but really remarkable and memorable.

Friday 29/05: After work, went for last minute shopping. Nothing much done but Liang enjoyed the night out.

Saturday 30/05: Woke up earlier and started to bake brownies after breakfast. I was craving for brownies, and Liang likes it too! Wanted to make some for my niece, Jing Jing too. I did the cake base and Jon did the frosting. Hmm, turned out pretty well! Everyone likes it! Yay!

Went to bro’s house before heading to lunch. Renovation works done, only a little cleaning up to do. Very cozy house, Liang really like there. He kept introducing everyone the ceiling fan! Lol…

Chased the children for afternoon nap coz it will be a long night. But failed. Anyway, perhaps they will have an early night, but once again we were wrong. Helped ma to prepare stuff until the catering service arrived. Wow, nice food. We were the first batch to taste that before it started. Well, we were the host anyway, it was our privileged!

This night was so overwhelming! Crowd turned out more than we have expected. Food wasn’t enough, so uncle went to take out some extra food. Everyone was so helpful.

After the big feast, was the ceremony. Jie didn’t get to witness coz both of her children were fallen asleep. Liang was asleep too, but we were able to sneak out to witness the ceremony of my only brother. It was touching, coz my only brother is going to get married tomorrow. He will start his own family after tomorrow. Aww…

Sunday 31/05: Woke up even earlier to help ma for the morning ceremony. Though I couldn’t really helped, but I was there to standby. Lol… Jie and Mei helped the most though. I got the children under control, well, Jon and Jie-fu did. Yea, what did I do?

Ceremony started around 9:00 a.m.. Relatives and friends were arriving to help out as well. Liang was woke by Jon and he threw a few tantrums, morning temper though. I was looking at the dogs, and was missing Zizou. He was here to witness Jie’s wedding but not Mei and Gor’s. Really misses him at this time…

Well, tea ceremony. I was waited for my turn to serve to Gor and my sister-in-law. Aww, nervous though but funny! Lol… It didn’t take too long until the family portrait. Liang was fallen asleep and missed out the “bed-jumping” ceremony at Gor’s new house. But he had a long nap. He must have been so tired.

Took a short rest as well before we have to get ready for the night banquet. I did both ma and Jie’s make up and make sure they look nice. Hmm, not bad after all, my skill still there but have rooms to improve. Headed to the restaurant but was down pouring. Can’t even bother the leaking in the bathroom but to head out.

Even I got the GPS but still going to the wrong turn. Set GPS again and this time, yes! Settled the children and wanted to help at the reception table, but was out of my control. Liang was so clingy and Jing and Ming were running around. Well, once again, I was the nanny of 3 of them. Sat them at the table and waited the banquet start. It worked.

They played a few video clips of the footage of the gate-crashing game this morning. Was so funny, and yes, my brother got married to a beautiful wife today.

Took a couple of hours to finish the full banquet. Children started to play up and we have to go. It was around 10:00 p.m. after all. Liang was so excited when we arrived home, but both his cousins were asleep. Settled Liang and caught up with parents and Jie.

A very memorable day. Congratulation to my big brother Yoong! Wishing you a very happy life with your beautiful wife, Chloe. Welcome to our family!

Monday 1/06: My day-off. Just want to spend more time with my family. Yes, I was exhausted after a couple of running-here-and-there days. Taken a long nap after sending off Jie and family. Still feeling tired though. Didn’t get to join the supper with my new sis-in-law.

Had a long chat with Jon, about everything! We were glad that we have skipped all these long havoc ceremony though! Lol…

Time with family will never be enough. I was reluctant to go to work today, but still have to face the reality. Before this I had a weird dream.

In my dream, Jon was sending me off to school. Yea, school. I was planning to skip the class and asked him to join me as well. I gave him 2 choices, to take off now; or we waited until 7:30 and I will go home and tell my parents I missed the bus and have to drive to school. At the meantime, have to send Jon to some places. There, we could enjoy our quiet day. We’ll be looking to spend time at a cafe so Jon could finished his assignment there as well. But Jon was so hesitating. He always been so honest in everything.

Well, it was just a funny dream. Something to share with Jon.

4 Years

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2 days ago, Jon and I were celebrating our 4th anniversary.

No candle light dinner, no surprise gifts. But we bought home a tub of chocolate ice cream and had it on the bed, with our baby Liang. Of course, not forgetting Aan. She was enjoying inside me too!

4 years, it is just a beginning.

2011 – We decided to tide the knot.

2012 – Welcomed our first bundle of joy, Liang.

2013 – Moved back to Malaysia. Started all over again.

2014 – Things seem settling, but more to come.

2015 – Expecting our second bundle of joy.

What an achievement.

Taking this opportunity to thank hubby for being so supportive and loving. I know my temper is nasty some times, but you are always here with me.

I knew I hurt you a lot, but you choose to sit beside me and wait til I calm down.

You didn’t realise you have done a lot for the family. I really appreciate it and I promise, to not let go of my nasty temper on you.

I love you lao gong. A lot a lot.


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After that nasty sore, my skin around that area has developed some itchy patches, we called that rashes!!

I noticed the patches is getting bigger. Tried to use dettol to disinfected the infected area, yes, it works for an hour at least.

The itchiness is getting crazier especially during night time. I can just keep scratching the area. Usually the infected area will get hot after that.

I have no choice but to use salt water, hope it could bring down the itchiness and heat. Yes, it is helping, but a stinging sensation is unavoidable as the area is scratched. Hubby told me not to itch it as it will get worse. Yes, it is always easy to say than do.

I’m gonna buy calamine lotion today and hope it could help to sooth the infected area. As well, changing my diet to avoid egg, milk and cheese for a few days. Let’s see whether it help.

Fingers crossed!


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真的,等安安出世后,我想在家好好的照顾我的两个宝贝。妈妈已经表明了她应付不来,我也了解。妈妈真的很累了,我也不好意思要她照顾刚出世的安安了!唯一担心的是,收入问题。老公已经上了TESOL 课程,希望这可以帮组他找工作吧!希望他一切顺利!




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After the mind map, both Jon and I have a clearer vision of which way to go. Yet, we still need to draft our business plan.

We both know that it won’t be easy at least for the starting year, but we really wanted it to start running. It is our own business.

After an early night, feeling energised this morning. Got myself a good breakfast to start, and our bub was very happy and kept rolling and kicking in there.

What more but to enjoy the moment?


20 Weeks

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Wow, I am half way there now! So excited!!

Went for a growth scan the other day, unfortunately(?) the bub is deep asleep and we were unable to her gender. Sigh… a bit disappointed. But overall, she is growing pretty well. The doctor was happy about her growth. No advise to me, so I assume everything is well too! Lol…

We are planning to throw a baby shower this time, date set on August. We will only invited close friends, to share our happiness.

At the moment, we are seeking on some gifts for a favour. Just need to decide what colour to prepare. Hubby suggested to do another scan perhaps next month, to check the whether it’s a Pink or Blue. Can’t wait!!

For me, everything seems alright and settling now. But I just get rid of a terrible sore on my right hip. Really nasty one!! I can’t even walk or sleep for a few days. It has gone now. Hope it won’t come back. Pray…

Brother’s wedding is just around the corner! Woohoo! Excited!

A Messy Mind

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A lot of things floated in my mind. A lot of ideas. Usually I just try to neglect it, because “I have NO TIME!”.

This is wrong. Totally wrong! That thought makes me losing my focus of life, my target of life. Seriously, I need to be very serious of what’s floating in my mind. So, I am using the most traditional yet effective way, a mind map.

Started up just a simple bubble, then a lot of ideas popping up. I have 3 pages of mind maps now, asking hubby to do the same. I wanted to know what is in his mind as well. He has lots of ideas, but just like me, he doesn’t really practice to write down.

I hope we are moving on a same page.

Stupid Arguement

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Planned a wonderful holiday with hubby, to celebrate our birthdays. Resort booked, now hunting for a gift.

Browsed online mall with Liang, he gave me a few ideas of what to get for daddy. Agree and disagree, but we make our points though. Clicked check-out, ta-daa, waiting for the pressie to deliver!!

Jon was checking on the accounts and budget. He raised a few suggestions, that we need to watch our spending for a bit. I was so angry and upset.

I was upset, we have been moving here for almost 3 years. Throughout these years, we never dare to spend on ourselves. Yes, we had celebrations, but on the moderate way. Yes, we got each other gifts, but just some practical stuff that we needed.

I was angry. All I wanted is just an outbreak for ourselves before the second bub comes. All I wanted was to pamper ourselves before we have to restart everything again. All I wanted and planned were well under our budget and of course I understood our financial situation.

I was sad. Wanted to cancel everything. Jon didn’t let me. He apologised for his wording. Maybe he should not to. I was the one that taking it hard.

Sorry lao gong. Anyway, plan is ON!

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